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ASX Announcements

21/12/2011 Audio Broadcast: Minemakers 2011 Market and Activities Review
01/12/2011 Appendix 3B
29/11/2011 Audio Broadcast: Minemakers AGM Presentation
28/11/2011 Wonarah Enabling Study Confirms Economic Potential for Major Fertiliser Production Facility
25/11/2011 Results of Annual General Meeting
25/11/2011 Minemakers Board and Executive Changes
25/11/2011 Investor Update Annual General Meeting
24/11/2011 Section 708A Notice
24/11/2011 Appendix 3B
22/11/2011 Minemakers Secures $15M Equity Facility
14/11/2011 Audio Broadcast: Results of Pilot Scale Testwork in Namibia
07/11/2011 Appendix 3B
04/11/2011 Sandpiper Phosphate Project Pilot Plant Progress
31/10/2011 Quarterly Cashflow Report
27/10/2011 Quarterly Activities Report
25/10/2011 Notice of Annual General Meeting and Proxy Form
25/10/2011 Annual Report to Shareholders
07/10/2011 Sandpiper Phosphate Project - Bulk Sample Completed
05/10/2011 Wonarah Phosphate Deposit Significant Resource Additions from 2011 Drilling Programme
30/09/2011 Minemakers Limited and Controlled Entities Annual Report for the year ended 30 June 2011
20/09/2011 GPCA Fertiliser Convention Presentation
07/09/2011 Audio Broadcast: Minemakers Progressing Two Phosphate Projects
06/09/2011 MV Smit Mandura Departs Cape Town to Collect the Bulk Sample for the Pilot Plant and Marketing Sample
31/08/2011 Updated Resource estimate for Namibian Sandpiper Phosphate Project from further regional infill sampling results
24/08/2011 Investor Presentation - AFSA National Conference
23/08/2011 Appendix 3B
17/08/2011 Results of General Meeting
16/08/2011 Sandpiper Phosphate Project, Namibia Appointment of General Project Manager
12/08/2011 ATO Confirms CGT Demerger Relief for TNT Mines Limited's Demerger from Minemakers Limited
29/07/2011 Demerger Tax Cost Base Apportionment
01/08/2011 Change of Registered Office
29/07/2011 Quarterly Cashflow Report
29/07/2011 Quarterly Activities Report
21/07/2011 Letter to Shareholders
19/07/2011 In Specie Distribution of TNT Shares to MAK Shareholders
19/07/2011 Audio Broadcast: Corporate Profile Video
18/07/2011 Appendix 3Y
15/07/2011 Sandpiper Phosphate Namibia Notice to Grant Mining Licence
11/07/2011 Notice of General Meeting
05/07/2011 Wonarah Progress Update
04/07/2011 Record Date for In Specie Distribution of TNT Mines Shares
29/06/2011 Investor Presentation: AMEC Convention
24/06/2011 Amended Appendix 3Y
24/06/2011 Appendix 3Y
08/06/2011 Sandpiper JV Definitive Feasibility Study Progress
03/06/2011 Results of General Meeting
01/06/2011 Wonarah Phosphate Development MOU Signed with India's NMDC Limited
01/06/2011 Request for Trading Halt
26/05/2011 Response to ASX Query
24/05/2011 Termination of Verte Mandate
15/05/2011 Media Speculation Regarding an Indian MOU for Wonarah
03/05/2011 Notice of General Meeting and Proxy Form
02/05/2011 Audio Broadcast The Ambitions of the Namibian Government
29/04/2011 Quarterly Cashflow Report
28/04/2011 Quarterly Activities Report
07/04/2011 Appendix 3B
31/03/2011 Appendix 3Y x 5
25/03/2011 Appendix 3B
25/03/2011 Results of General Meeting
24/03/2011 North American and European Investor Briefing
18/03/2011 Appointment of Managing Director for TNT Mines Limited
17/03/2011 Namibian Phosphate Joint Venture Progress
15/03/2011 Wonarah Phosphate Project Positive Dry Kiln Testwork Progress
11/03/2011 Half Year Accounts
28/02/2011 Wonarah Phosphate Project Historic Mining Agreement Signed
22/02/2011 Notice of General Meeting and Proxy Form
09/02/2011 Audio Broadcast Minemakers Makes a Solid Start to 2011
08/02/2011 Clarification to Announcement re New Tasmanian Tin Project
08/02/2011 Priority Applications for New Tasmanian Tin Project
28/01/2011 Quarterly Cashflow Report
25/01/2011 Quarterly Activities Report
05/01/2011 TNT Acquires New Tasmanian Projects
04/01/2011 Appendix 3Y
04/01/2011 Appendix 3B


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